Halal certified Fukumurasaki Soy sauce

  ▶ "Muslim Friendly" is a term used for food items that are
    suitable for muslim comsumption containing no pork,  
    alchohol or mirin.

  ▶ All members are required to use Halal certified  
     Fukumurasaki soy sauce

  ▶ Fukumurasaki soy sauce are suitable for sushi or sashimi

  ▶ For restaurants that serve deep fried pork and tempura,
     both items must be prepared using seperate utensils and
     cooking oil.

  ▶ For accommodation facilities, it is preferable that lodging
     for Muslim can be provided seperately.

  ▶ For BBQ please prepare seperate barbecue nets and
     iron plates for Halal use

  ⇒ For further information, please contact us
     Coordinator: Mohd Syairir Bin Abd Malek
     Mail to syairir.malek@gmail.com 

Halal certified bird processed goodsEverything can be prepared Halal certified Kuroge Wagyu beef
南薩食鳥(株)Nansatsu Shokucho Co., Ltd Meat Takashimaya Fukui City

Hotel / restaurant certified by Muslim Friendly Fukui   Japanese

 Tea House and dining:Jurakusen
 123-9 Kiyotaka, Ohno City ,Fukui Prefecture
 TEL 0779-66-21455 FAX 0779-66-5455
lunch=¥2,500~、dinner=¥3,500~ Tax not included

 ExperienceMaking soba noodles
 24-7 Usogaguchi, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture
 TEL/FAX 0776-90-1144
2 people 1 bowl=\2,960、3 people 1 bowl=\3,160 tax included

 Accommodation:Taicho no Mori
 88-55-1 Ogura, Echizen-cho, Nyu-gun, Fukui Prefecture
 TEL 0778-34-2322  FAX 0778-34-5800 
Accommodation fee=\3,704~(Tax not included, no meal)

 French cuisine:Bistro Peu a Peu
 14-8 Uchigori , Echizen-cho, Nyu-gun, Fukui Prefecture
 TEL/FAX 0778-34-1600 
lunch=¥1,800~、dinner=¥5,000~ Tax not included

 Experience:Seafood BBQ
 Ohida Coast, Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture
 TEL/FAX 0778-25-0527 
Foodstuff A=\1,600~  tax included

 Accommodation:Ito Bunkan
 89-53 Ogura, Echizen-cho, Nyu-gun, Fukui Prefecture
 TEL 0778-34-5001  FAX 0778-34-5419
Accommodation fee=\3,080(Tax included, no meal)

 Italian Izakaya:BASIL
 1-8-10 Arisada-cho, sabae City, Fukui Prefecture
 TEL/FAX 0778-52-5337
Open for dinner only \2,400~ Tax not included

 French cuisine:Peu a Peu Ra・Post
 9-35-2 Higashifuruichi, Eiheiji-cho, Yoshida-gun, Fukui Prefecture
 TEL/FAX 0776-63-1165
lunch=¥1,650~、dinner=¥2,400~ Tax not included

 Japanese lunch:Kokoru
 2-7-1 Sakura-cho, Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture
 TEL 0778-54-0553
  lunch=¥1,000、dinner=¥2,000~ tax included 

HABUTAEMOCHI steamed rice cake powder, It is sweets of Fukui
prefecture which adds sugar · starch syrup and kneads it up.

The texture is soft, sweetness is also modest,
it is ideal for Muslim souvenir

Power to popularize Halal food  November 12,2017 Fukui newspaper article